1. Create and submit a data file to Blackbaud containing the records to be screened:

  1. Create a query of the constituents to include in the screening. Blackbaud recommends omitting constituents that have a birth date from the export; AgeFinder is an append service and does not match or confirm existing birth dates.
  • All records need to have a name and at least one address line. We recommend running an AddressFinder screening prior to this service so that all addresses are current and in a standardized format.
  1. Using the selected records from your query, export the following fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format.
  • Constituent Information - First name
  • Constituent Information - Middle Name
  • Constituent Information - Last name
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Address Line 1
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Address Line 2
  • Preferred Address - Preferred City
  • Preferred Address - Preferred State
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Zip Code
  • Constituent Information - Constituent Import ID
  1. Transfer the file to our FTP site​​.
  2. Email addressfinder@blackbaud.com. Provide your Site ID and name of service you would like your file to be screened through (AgeFinder.) Results will be returned in 3-5 business days. You will be informed by an email notification once the results are ready for download.

2. Download the results file:
  1. Download the zip file from our FTP site.
  2. Save the file onto a workstation where The Raiser's Edge is installed. This file contains a summary report and an import .csv or .txt file.
  3. Unzip the files to a location on your workstation.

3. Update your records with the import file:
  1. Add an Attribute named AgeFinder.
  2. Import the Attribute file to update your records with the Attribute.

Additional Information: