1. Create and submit a data file to Blackbaud containing the records to be screened:

  1. Create a query of the constituents to include in the screening. Blackbaud recommends omitting constituents that have a birth date from the export; AgeFinder is an append service and does not match or confirm existing birth dates.
  • All records need to have a name and at least one address line. We recommend running an AddressFinder screening prior to this service so that all addresses are current and in a standardized format.
  • IMPORTANT: All records submitted must be of adults who would have a financial and\or consumer footprint in the cloud.  Minor children should not be submitted to the service.
  1. Using the selected records from your query, export the following fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format.
  • Constituent Information - First name
  • Constituent Information - Middle Name
  • Constituent Information - Last name
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Address Line 1
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Address Line 2
  • Preferred Address - Preferred City
  • Preferred Address - Preferred State
  • Preferred Address - Preferred Zip Code
  • Constituent Information - Constituent Import ID
  1. Transfer the file to our FTP site​​.
  2. Email addressfinder@blackbaud.com. Provide your Site ID and name of service you would like your file to be screened through (AgeFinder.) Results will be returned in 3-5 business days. You will be informed by an email notification once the results are ready for download.

2. Download the results file:
  1. Download the zip file from our FTP site.
  2. Save the file onto a workstation where The Raiser's Edge is installed. This file contains a summary report and an import .txt file.
  3. Unzip the files to a location on your workstation.

3. Update your records with the import file:
  1. Add an Attribute named AgeFinder. (Note that the attribute type should be fuzzy date)
  2. Import the Attribute file to update your records with the Attribute.

Additional Information: