DeceasedRecordFinder service compares the records in your database with a group of national consumer databases and finds those records that are deceased.


Note: While Blackbaud endeavors to provide the most accurate results possible, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. The DeceasedRecordFinder data comes primarily from the Social Security Death benefits database, which may or may not contain data on titles or suffixes (e.g., Jr. and III). For this, DeceasedRecordFinder DOES NOT mark the deceased check box on the BIO 1 Tab. A deceased attribute is added to the attributes tab on the constituent's record. It is important to confirm the data is correct before marking records as Deceased through a global change.


Follow the instructions below to identify deceased constituents using DeceasedRecordFinder:

    • Create and send the export file (BB252836). Allow 3 to 5 business days for processing.

      Note: For version 7.80 or higher, do not export all addresses when using the DeceasedRecordFinder export in the Data Health Center. This causes a constituent to export and count as a record multiple times. For example, if John Doe has four addresses and the option to export all addresses is selected, John Doe exports four times. He is counted against the total record count for the update four times, not just once. In addition, duplicate records will be returned in the update file.
    • Download and import the updated records (BB252837)
    • Confirm the records should be marked as deceased:
      1. Use the control report or output query created during the import process to review the records with the new Deceased attribute. The attributes have one of the following descriptions:
        • Relative Verified: Indicates a relative confirmed the death
        • Death Certificate: Indicates a death certificate was sent to confirm the death