1. In Reports, Vendor Reports, highlight the 1099 Activity Report.
  2. Create a New or open an existing report parameter.
  3. Select the appropriate options on all tabs as explained below.

    General Tab:
    Calculate 1099 Activity for these dates - this is used to determine the date range of activity that is included in the report. The system compares the dates selected to the payment date of payments made to the vendor. To use this report to review amounts for 1099 reporting it is recommended to use the calendar year that is being reported on.

    Include vendors with 1099 activity that are marked as 1099 vendors - this includes activity from vendors who are not designated as 1099 vendors, but received payment for invoices that were reported as 1099 activity within the activity range selected.

    Include vendors with activity below 1099 box minimums - this includes amounts for each box regardless of the total being below the IRS defined minimum for the box. In order to compare this to the 1099 forms that are produced by the system, this option needs to mirror what is selected when printing 1099 forms.

    Include vendors with zero activity - this includes all vendors on the report, regardless of the amount of 1099 activity recorded for the vendor.
  4. Filters Tab:
       This tab allows the report to be filtered on specific vendors

    Format Tab:
       Under the Detail section, marking the "Include State Detail" option adds State information (boxes 16-18) for each vendor that has state 1099 activity.
  5. Preview/Print the report.