1. Analyze Record Counts
         a. Run the report by first going to Contacts > Individuals > and click Show All to get the Individual record

2.  Merge Records
         a. You must run the duplicate checker and look for duplicates and see if they can merge any records there. 
         b. Some clients merge records even though they are not duplicates. They look for old records that have no activities (donations, registration, email sent, etc) for the last five years or so. Here are the steps:
                  i.  Pull a report of these records with no activities for the last 5 years
                  ii.  Export these records with their Supporter ID
                  iii.  Change their first and last names so they all have the same (some client uses Merged Record as first and last name)
                  iv.  Import them back into Sphere and update existing records using their Supporter ID
                  v. Run the duplicate checker to pull these records
                  vi.  Merge them
         c.  Update Records and remove their email address.  You can run the same report  and you can use the Import Center to blank out the email field

3. Delete Records
         a.  The other option is to delete the record(s) - *If the above solutions will not work, you must delete some of the records. Remember that you cannot delete records with transactions so you have to find those with no transactions and delete them.