Start from:
Control Query

1.  Click on New All Contacts
2.  Expand the following folders: Contacts Profile Personal/Organization Identifiers
3.  Select Special Flag and click Add
4.  Set up the filter so that Special Flag Is Not Empty.  This will return all contacts with a Special Flag.
5.  Click Next
6.  Define the following outputs:

     a.  Contacts Profile Personal/Organization > Identifiers Special Flag
     b.  Contacts Profile Profile Highlights > First Name
     c.  Contacts Profile Profile Highlights > Last Name
     d.  Contacts Profile Personal/Organization Email
     e.  Contacts Profile Personal/Organization Supporter ID

7.  Add any other outputs you wish to see in your results
8.  Click Next
9.  Set your query results to Sort By Special Flag in order to group the special flag values together
10.  Click Finish