For this option to be available in FAWeb for any user, the options have to be available to Students in NetClassroom. We can check this by:

1. Go to Configuration > NetClassroom > Features
2. Confirm that at least Report Cards, Grades, Assignments, or Daily Grades is marked
  ***If at least one of them is marked to be available in FAWeb it will then be controlled by the settings for the faculty record and their corresponding record in Set Up System Security.

If the faculty member is Teacher, with students enrolled in classes: 

1. Go to Administration > Set Up System Security
2. Open the group that this teacher is a part of
3. Highlight Registrar's Office > Grades (even though it shows as grayed out), then click Options
4. Make sure all boxes are marked
5. Save and close

Note: If trying to View NetClassroom for the first time, a grade must be entered for at least one student to trigger this option.

If the faculty member is not a Teacher, but still needs access: (for ex. As a Principle or Dean)

1. To give them access to search for students we need to mark them as a FAWeb Administrator:
   a. Go to Administration > Set Up System security
   b. Open the faculty user name
   c. Go to Online Security tab
   d. Mark the box for FAWeb Administrator

2. At this point, the faculty member has to have a connection to the students to see this option. There are a few options to give them access to View NetClassroom for students in FAWeb:
   a. Make the faculty member an advisor on the Student Progression Entry on the Student record
   b. Make the faculty member a Grade level advisor on the Restrictions 1 tab of the faculty record
   c. Enroll any students that this faculty member needs to see this option for, in a class with no meetings