First, verify that the Home page is set to the correct academic year.

  1. Log into FAWeb as the teacher
  2. On the home page, click "Settings"
  3. Verify that the academic year and session are correct

If the term end and start dates have a gap, then during that time period the home page will appear to have no classes scheduled.  Grades and classes do still exist in FAWeb and once the school is within the start date of the next term the links will show on the Home page again.

To view the term start and end dates:
  1. Go to Configuration > Academic Years
  2. Open the current year
  3. Open the current session
  4. Click on the Terms tab
  5. View the term start and end dates

In the meantime, teachers can still access current gradebooks by clicking on Gradebook > Enter Grades by Class or Enter Grades by Student.

This issue can occur when a re-direct is in place for FA Web. The gradebook may be missing if there are no meetings for the class and the homepage is sorted by time.

Example of a re-direct:
Example of an internal address: http://YourFAWebServerName/FAWeb7

Note: The configuration of a re-direct website is beyond our scope of support.

Alternative Solution:

1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web.
2. Click Options.
3. Select Class Id from the 'Sort home page class list by' drop-down menu.
4. Click Save.
5. Select the home page to view the class list.


Reboot the FA Web Server