You can add notes to a budget by period when you import. These are separate from notes viewed in the actual budget view on the budget record. 
  1.  Create a new budget scenario
  2.  Create a data file or use an existing file. You can save the file in any delimited format or in fixed length.
     Include the following in the import file: Fiscal Year-Budget ID or Budget Import ID, Account, Total Budget Amount, a column for each period amount, a column for each period's note. 
3. Go to  Administration in General Ledger, then Import Records
4. Under Budgets choose the type of import that you are going to do, i.e. Fiscal Year Account Budget, Period Range Budget
5. Mark the radio button next to Import New Records
6. Under options, mark the box to validate data only. 
7. In the import file field, click on the box with the ellipses in it and browse to your import file
8. In the drop down next to Use, choose what you are using to specify the budget in your import file. 
9. Go to the File Layout tab and set the appropriate options. Under Import Field Names make sure you mark the option that is most in line with your import file as to whether or not you have headers. 
10. Go to the fields tab and map the fields. To map the fields, click on the first field under field to import and find its corresponding field on the far left. Then click on it to highlight and choose select at the bottom. This will move it to the import field column. 
11. Once you have mapped all fields so each field under field to import has a corresponding field in the import field column, go ahead and click on validate now. 
12. If you have any exceptions it will let you know once the validation has completed. Click on view control report to view the exceptions. 
13. Once you have worked through the exceptions, go back to the General tab of the import parameter and unmark the box to validate data only and click on import now. 
To view the notes you just imported:
1. Go to records then accounts. 
2. Open the account record of one account we just import a budget note to. 
3. Go to the budget tab and enter the scenario and year. 
Note that the budget note is now displaying in the Notes column on the right.