Option #1: If you have only one Preference question, you can pull this information by using a registrants query: 
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then Information Library.
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the souce view of Registrants and click OK. 
  4. In the left column, highlight Event. From the middle column, drag Event Record to Include Records Where. Set this filter to be Equal to your event. 
  5. Optional: To eliminate any registrant that is canceled or marked as Will not attend, you can highlight the Registrants node at the top of the left column and drag Status into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to Registered. 
  6. Next, highlight Mapped Registrations from the left.  From the middle column, drag Mapped Registrations\Registration option to Results Fields to display. This will show you what option (ticket, table, etc.) that registrant is signed up for. 
  7. To see the Preference information: In the left column, select Preferences. From the middle, drag Preference Group and Preference into Results Fields to Display. Below is an example of the final query: 
    User-added image
  8. Click the Set save options tab and Name your query
  9. Click Save and close.

Option #2: If you have multiple Preferences or would like to create a more complex list of Registrants, you can also create an Export Process: 

Step 1: Create a Query of Registrants
  1. Follow steps 1-5 above to create a query of registrants to your event
  2. On the Set save options tab, name your query and check the box to save this query as a selection. This is very important to make this list of registrants accessible to the export process.  
    User-added image
Step 2: Create an Export Definition: Your export definition will determine what information you need from the registrant records. 
  1. Navigate to Administration > Export Definition
  2. Click Add
  3. Select the source view of Registrants and click OK
  4. To see the Registrant's Registration Option:
    1. In the left column highlight Mapped Registrations. In the middle column, drag Registration Option to the Selected fields area.
    2. You'll see an Export Criteria window pop. Each registrant is only mapped to one registration option, so you can leave the Number to Export at 1 as pictured below and click OK. 
      User-added image
  5. To see the Preferences: 
    1. In the left column, highlight Preferences. From the middle column, drag Preference into Selected fields.
    2. You should see an Export Criteria window pop to ask you how many/which preferences you'd like to export. You have a few different options here:
      • Option #1: You can change the Number to Export to be equal to the number of preferences you have in your event: 
        User-added image
      • Option 2: You can create different columns for each preference you have in your event.
        1. In the Export Criteria window, set the Number to export to be 1
        2. Under Filter, choose Selected Preferences. Use the Preference Group filter to specify which preferences you'd like to output (Note: The Preference Group must be typed in exactly as it appears on your event): 
          User-added image
        3. Click OK
        4. You may also want to edit the column header to reflect what preference you are outputting: 
          User-added image
        5. To output another preference, highlight the Registrants Node again at the top of the Selected Fields area (This is a very important step! If you do not do this, your Export Criteria window will not open again!) 
          User-added image
        6. Drag Preference again to Selected Fields. The Export Criteria window should pop again. This time, specify a different Preference Group under Filter:
          User-added image
        7. Click OK
        8. You can also rename this node in the Selected Fields area as well.
  6. You can also drag any other additional information into Selected Fields as needed. 
  7. On the Column Order tab, select in what order you'd like your columns to appear. 
  8. On the Set sort order for rows, select how you'd like to sort your list. 
  9. On the Set save options tab, name your export definition and click Save. 
Step 3: Create Your Export Process
  1. Navigate to Administration > Export 
  2. Click Add to add a new export process
  3. Name your export 
  4. Under Export Type, select Export Definition
  5. Under Selection, search for the selection of registrants you created in Step 1. 
  6. Under Export Definition, search for the export definition you created in Step 2. 
  7. Click Save 
  8. After your export is saved, find the name of the export in the list. Click the drop down arrows to the left and click Start Export
  9. Each time you'd like to re-generate or refresh the list, you can go to Administration > Export, find your export in the list and click Start Export.