Payment page for event registration shows incorrectly

The new event registration form uses the Blackbaud Secure Payment page when reaching step 3 for the payment information. You may notice one or more of the following behaviors on the payment page, Step 3, on the event form, the Blackbaud Secure Payment (BBSP) template:
  • Last year's information or another event's information displays
  • The default template displays and mentions Blackbaud
Alternatively, under Administration>Sites & Settings>Schedules>Secure Payment Template Update, you see Completed with XXX Exceptions. You may want to know what these exceptions are.
Run the Template Updater
When a page or part is recently created, it's possible the secure payment template updater has not been run yet. This will need to be run in order to dynamically pull the design of the event page onto the secure payment page. You should also run this as the first troubleshooting measure for when the secure payment page is not showing as expected. You will need to run the updater any time a change is made. 
Run the Secure Payment Template Updates

Page Shows Old Information on Step 3
Typically, when the payment page shows old information, for a different event or previous event, this is due to the page or part being copied, instead of creating a new page and part. A new page and part will need to be created, and then run the template updater. 
  1. Create a New Page
  2. Create an event registration form part
  3. Run the Secure Payment Template Updates
If after creating a new page, new part and running the updater, the default BBSP page displays, as shown below
This typically indicates there is a design element preventing the correct design from being displayed properly.
Please refer to our BBSP design guide. You may need to consult a qualified designer or web developer.

The incorrect or old template shows on the payment page on a mobile device ONLY
We may see this issue if the template does not have a set layout for mobile devices. To resolve this issue, we can set the layout for mobile devices.
If NetCommunity is on an older version of the product,  you may need to upgrade in order to allow the secure payment templates to work properly. Previous items which conflicted with the BBSP templates:
  • Page name cannot have single quote or apostrophe
  • Page name cannot have double quote
  • Page name cannot have a colon ":"
  • Page name cannot contain an "&" symbol
  • Page name cannot have a "-"
If the Design of the page looks incorrect, formatted not as expected, design elements missing
See article: What are items to consider when designing the secure payment page. When the design of the payment page doesn't match step 1, this indicates there may be design elements conflicting with the Blackbaud Secure Payment Page that do not allow the design to render correctly. You may need to work with a qualified web developer to follow the design guide in order to resolve the behaviors. How do I fix design issues with my site?


 6.53.516, patch 5
 6.53.516, patch 47 ; 3.0.516, Service Pack 9

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