No results display when linking Gift to Proposal from the Proposal Record when Constituent name has a slash (\)

The slash (\) is used to allow Organization names starting with The or other common beginnings to be searched for and sort by the first word after the slash.  For example, The\Bean Grinder would be searchable under 'Bean Grinder' and it would sort alphabetically in Reports under B, instead of under The.
When you open a Proposal and click Link to Gift, the Organization name populates in the search window.  The name will not be recognized if it has a slash in it even if you type that slash into the Organization name in the search window.
We are currently evaluating this issue. 

Possible Alternate Solutions:

Remove the slashes from the organization name on the Org 1 Tab.


Remove the Organization name from the search window and enter in an Alias.
Mark the 'check aliases' checkbox and click Find Now to populate the results.


Remove the Organization name from the search window and enter the Constituent ID in the Constituent ID field


Remove everything preceding the slash and the slash itself in the search window.
Then click Find Now to load the results.


Link the Gift to the Proposal from the Gift Record:
  1. In Records, open an existing gift or add a new gift
  2. On the menu bar, select Gift, Link, Proposal
  3. On the Link Gift to Proposal screen, mark the Link? checkbox next to the appropriate proposal or click Load Proposal From to search for and select another constituent's proposal
  4. In the Amount Applied field, enter the amount to apply to the proposal. This value can be less than the gift amount, but it cannot be more than the gift amount.
  5. Click OK
  6. Save and close the gift



 7.92.5508, patch 6

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