Start Your Query:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query.
  3. Select the source view of Constituents and click OK. Note: If you need this list for a mailing process within Altru such as the Appeal Mailing Process or the Event Invitation Process, you will need a Constituent Source View. If you're not using this query for a mailing process, a Membership source view may also be used. 
Add Fields to Include Records Where:
  1. In the left column, Browse for Fields in, highlight the Member Node. In the middle column, drag Is Dropped to Include Records Where. Set the criteria to be Equal to No. This will eliminate any dropped members who were once on a membership but have since been removed from the membership.
  2. (Optional) If you would only like to include Primary Members in your list, drag Is Primary to Include Records Where. Set the criteria to be Equal to Yes. If you'd like to include all members (not just the primary member), you can skip this step. 
  3. Next, to find Active Members, in the left column, expand Member where you highlighted it previously and highlight Membership. From the middle column, drag Status to Include Records Where.  Set the criteria to equal to Active.
  4. (Optional) If you want to filter on members only in certain levels or programs, with Membership still highlighted in the left column, in the middle column, click on Membership level or Membership Program and move this to Include Records Where and set the criteria to equal to that level or program.
  5. (Optional) If you want to filter on members only in a certain reporting group, which expand Member, Expand Membership, Expand Membership Level. From the middle drag Reporting Group to Include records where and set the criteria equal to that reporting group.
Add Fields to Results Fields to Display: 
If you're using this query in a mailing process, the mailing process will output the member names, addressee and salutation fields, address, and email address information. If you are using this list outside of a mailing process or for a different purpose, we have included instructions below to help output the member's contact information. 
  1. To output Address information, in the left column, scroll up and highlight Address (Primary). In the middle, click on Address, City, State, and Zip and move these fields to Results fields to display.
  2. To output Email address information, in the left column, highlight Email Addresses. In the middle column, drag Email Address to Results fields to display. 
  3. To output Phone numbers, in the left column, highlight Phones. In the middle column, drag Number to Results fields to display.
Note: To only see the primary phone number and email address in your results, see our related solution here: I need to include one email address or one phone number in query output
Note: If you would like to include all emails, addresses, and phone numbers, but don't want duplicate rows and want all that information on one line, use an export definition and an export process to create the report.

Here is an example of what your final query might look like: 
User-added image
Save Your Query:
  1. To save your query, go to the Set Save Options tab.  Name your query and add a description if needed. 
  2. If you're using your query for a mailing process, also be sure to check the box to Create a Selection. 
  3. Click Save and Close.