This error will occur when trying to sync information back to The Raiser's Edge when the RE: Search module (Prospect tab on Constituent records) is not unlocked. Information can only be added to the prospect tab when syncing via integration.

Work around:

Set ResearchPoint to only sync information one way from The Raiser's Edge to ResearchPoint with the steps below.

1) Log into ResearchPoint
2) Click Prospects (the word prospects, not the drop down arrow)
3) Click The Raiser's Edge integration
4) Click Configure Fields under tasks
5) Click the To The Raiser's Edge tab
6) Move any and all fields to the left box by clicking on one and then using the arrow buttons.

Information can also be exported from ResearchPoint and then imported in to The Raiser's Edge, usually as an Attribute

Please contact your Account Executive for information about purchasing the RE: Search module.