Note: this articles assumes you have copied the embed code from the video provider, for example YouTube, and you're ready to paste it into NetCommunity.

  1. Login to Blackbaud NetCommunity
  2. Edit the Donation Form part
  3. Scroll to Payment Setup
    • If Use payment part is selected, locate the section for "Define the text that will be shown on the payment page after a donation transaction is added."
    • If Proceed directly to payment is selected, locate the section for "Specify whether to use the default acknowledgement page or a custom one."
      • If use custom confirmation screen is not selected, mark the radio button for Use custom confirmation screen
  4. Click on the View tab and click the HTML Code button
  5. Paste the embed code from the host's site into the HTML of the Confirmation Screen
  6. Click the Update button
  7. Click the Preview button to confirm the video displays
    • Note if the video doesn't display or you don't see a place holder for the video, you may need to move your embed code around to a different area in the HTML. For example, you may try to add the video at the very top of the HTML, before any other code
  8. Click Save when finished