The errors appear to be JavaScript related, but are actually resulting from trouble with the Virtual Directories being used. To resolve these issues, follow these steps in order.
     1. Open IIS and delete the virtual directories for the WebPortal Website and the WebPortal Web Service. To do this complete the following steps:
a. Once IIS is open, go to Sites, then expand the Default Web Site.
b. You will see the WebPortal Website and WebPortal WebService listed there. They may be named differently according to what they were named in the WebPortal Configuration Utility when Webportal was installed.
     2. Open the Financial Edge WebPortal Configuration Utility and enter the desired virtual directory names in steps 2 and 3, click Apply, click OK.
     3. Restart the IIS Admin Windows service. To do that complete the following:
a. Right click on Computer and click Manage, The Computer Management console will open
b. Expand Configuration, you will see Services located there.

Note: You can also open Windows services directly by clicking on Start, Run, then typing services.msc, thenclicking OK or hitting the Enter key.
     4. Make sure that the WebPortal Service is running; this is located in Windows services area as described above.
     5. Access the site again and attempt adding an item to the basket or to favorites.