Staff notification emails are only available for donations, events and memberships. 

In place of a notification, eCards can be tracked by placing additional Raiser's Edge attributes, as long as the eCard is associated with a Donation. In order for the attributes to be available, a donation must be made along with the eCard.

The three items that can be tracked are the send date of the eCard, the recipient first name, and the recipient last name.
  1. First create three new gift attributes in Raiser's Edge
  2. Gift attributes can have any name but will need to be text attributes(likely will want to name them to address the three pieces of information mentioned above)
  3. Edit the donation form part from which ecards are being sent
  4. Scroll down to the eCard options section
  5. At the bottom of this section you will see the option to add eCard attributes
  6. For each of the three fields, select the corresponding gift attributes that were created in Raiser's Edge
  7. This will map the NetCommunity information from the ecard transactions to the gift record in Raisers Edge when the transaction is processed