For fully hosted NetCommunity sites, Blackbaud ensures that all NetCommunity component versions on all servers remain on the same major version and patch.

For split and self-hosted installations, prior to version 6.41 of Blackbaud NetCommunity, if the major version and patch of all of the above components were not the same, the NetCommunity website would typically not be able to function correctly.  

For NetCommunity versions 6.41 and later however, the NetCommunity website will generally continue to function normally, even with version and/or patch mismatches, provided:

     A) The Raiser's Edge Web Service version and patch on the Raiser's Edge Web Service Server (REWS) and the NetCommunity plugin version and patch on all user PC's are the same
     B) All component versions are on version 6.41 or higher

However, even though you can still expect the core features of the website to function when versions or patches don't match, it is still important to keep all component versions on the same major version and patch. Some NetCommunity enhancements and fixes do need to be deployed to all components for the improvement/fix to function. To be certain that your site is running at peak performance at all times, you are encouraged to keep all components on matching versions and patches.

If Blackbaud hosts your NetCommunity website but you host The Raiser's Edge on your own servers and Blackbaud notifies you that an upgrade to your NetCommunity website will occur, you are encouraged to plan to update your Raiser's Edge Web Service server (REWS) and all user PC's to the same version and patch as soon after this upgrade as is practical.