With the 9.4.2 release of Blackbaud Sphere on April 23, 2013, participants and Team Leaders now have the ability to add, edit, or remove Friendly URLs.

First, ensure that the option for Friendly URLs are enabled by doing the following:

1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
2. Hover over your event and click Website Info
3. Click Website Features
4. Under the Participant Registration section ensure that "Enable Friendly URLs for personal and team pages on registration forms" is enabled.  If it is not, mark the checkbox.
5. Click Save
6. Go back to the Webinfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now

The Friendly URL can be set up by the participant from within the Participant HQ by doing the following:

1. Go to the event site
2. Click Main Login under My HQ
3. Click the My Webpage tab
4. Click Edit Personal Page to edit the personal page Friendly URL, or click Edit Team Page to modify the Team page Friendly URL
5. Click Submit when finished.