Queries against the V_QUERY_MKTSEGMENTATIONSEGMENT view do not return the correct business unit

Marketing Effort view does not return the correct business unit on copied efforts when the business unit has been overwritten.  This occurs when an effort is created, the business unit is changed, and then the effort is copied to create a new one.  When a query is run against the new effort, the original business unit from the original effort shows in the results.

The problem is in a function which is called by the view. The function ([UFN_MKTSEGMENTATIONSEGMENTBUSINESSUNIT_GETBUSINESSUNITDESCRIPTION]) looks at the [MKTSEGMENTATIONSEGMENTBUSINESSUNIT] table and only retrieves the business unit for the original effort. It does not check for an override in the [MKTSEGMENTATIONSEGMENT] table but there appears to be an added problem in that the [OVERRIDEBUSINESSUNITS] column is not updated when an override is used.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.



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