How to disable the Enhanced Search feature in the Constituent Search Window

In The Raiser's Edge 7.92 and above, the Use Enhanced Search checkbox is selected by default and enables searches to be “fuzzy,” allowing for exact results as well as similar results. For example, if you enter “Neal” in the First name criteria field, first names with exact and similar spellings will appear in the results, such as “Neal,” “Neil,” and “Noel.” This can help account for misspellings, but could possibly increase the length of time it takes to perform the search.

Some users may wish to disable this option in order to view only what they have typed in the search fields. 
To disable the Enhanced Search in the Constituent Search Window:

1) Go to Records > Constituents, and click on Open a Constituent
2) Type at least one letter in any of the available search fields
3) Ensure that the Exact match only checkbox is not marked
4) Unmark Use Enhanced Search
5) To save this option, click Find Now and open any record. Save and close the record, and close the search window



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