There are a few different issues that may cause this error message to appear. Please check the following items in the order listed to resolve the issue.
  1. The form submission is matched to an existing record that is not an Applicant record [e.g. an Individual record]
    1. If the matched record is not an Applicant record, then remove the match and do one of the following:
  2. The record is mapped to an incorrect record that is not the Applicant
    1. Click Manage Matches>Remove Applicant Match(es)
  3. The form submission is matched to an Applicant record or contains relationship matches to records that have subsequently been deleted from The Education Edge.
    1. Check each record that the form submission is currently matched to and remove any matches to records that no longer exist in The Education Edge.
  4. The Education Edge (EE) username that is processing the form submission does not have sufficient permissions to view or update one of the matched records.
    1. Open each matched record in The Education Edge to locate the specific record that your EE username does not have sufficient permissions in EE to view or edit.
    2. Once you have identified the specific record type that your EE username cannot access, contact your EE administrator to have them increase the security permissions for your EE username so that it has permission to view and edit all records that are matched to the form submission.