How to find the import files created by READi

Where are the import files saved when Create Import Files button selected in READi
READi (Raiser’s Edge Assisted Data Import) is a spreadsheet that is designed to help format existing data for import.
 It was designed to allow clients the ability to create import files of data they have without  to manually build import files and manually completing required fields.

If you do not already have READi, contact your account manager for more information.

  1. Access the READi spreadsheet and follow the instructions listed on each tab of the spreadsheet to populate the template with your existing data
  2. On the READi Instructions tab of the spreadsheet select Create Import Files to create the import files that can then be imported into Raiser's Edge.
  3. The import files are saved to the same folder that contains the READi spreadsheet.
  4. If Blackbaud host your data, upload the import files to the Blackbaud Hosting Services Files folder.
  5. See the READi instructions tab for more information on importing these files into The Raiser's Edge.


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