Using eTapestry credentials
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click the arrow next to Accounts in the menu bar
  3. Click Find an Account
  4. Type the user's name and click Find
  5. Click the name of the desired user's account
  6. Select Preferences from the account header
  7. Under Security Preferences, fill in a new password in the Password and Confirm Password fields
  8. Click Save And
When the user logs in for the first time with that new password, they will be prompted to create a unique password of their own before being allowed into the database.

Using Blackbaud ID 

Once a users accepts their invitation to use Blackbaud ID for eTapestry then they no longer will need to sign with their eTapestry credentials. If a user needs to reset the password for their Blackbaud ID follow the steps below:

1. Click sign in with Blackbaud ID on the eTapestry log in screen
2. Select the "forgot password" link
3. Enter email address of the user and click send
4. An email will be sent to reset the password

If a user does not remember their password before linking to BBID
  1. The password can be reset by using the Can't Access Your Account? link during the BBID linking process
  2. Have an admin user at the organization reset the password or send an invitation email