Follow these steps to add a Soft Credit to an existing Gift.
  1. Navigate to the Account that made the donation
  2. Click the blue Journal link
  3. Select the Gift that you would like to add the Soft Credit for
  4. On the right side of the screen, select the link for Tribute, Soft Credit, Matching Gift Relationships
  5. Under Soft Credit Information, click on the magnifying glass
  6. Search for the account that you would like to Soft Credit and click Find You can also add the constituent account if it is not already in your database by selecting Add Account
  7. Click on the name of the account
  8. Note that the account you selected now appears under Soft Credit Information
  9. Fill in an Amount and Note for the Soft Credit
  10. Click Save And at the bottom of the page
This will create a Soft Credit journal entry for the Constituent that was just Soft Credited. The Soft Credit will not be a Received Amount for that Constituent, they will have a Soft Credit Amount that was specified on Step 9 which is now linked to the original Gift.

NOTE: Only one account can be soft credited directly from the gift Journal Entry. If you need to recognize multiple donors, then please refer to: How do I soft credit multiple constituents on a single donation?