1. Open the donor's account in eTapestry (you will need to create an account for them if they don't already have one)
2. Go to the Journal page of the account
3. Click Add
4. Click Gift/Pledge
5. Type in the amount of the donation in the Received field
6. Select the corresponding fundraiser from within the Fundraiser field
7. Within the Gift Type tab, select the proper gift type from the drop down menu (Cash, Check, etc)
8. If this donation was made to sponsor a participant, click the Tribute, Soft Credit, Matching Gift Relationships tab on the right hand side. If this donation was not made to sponsor a participant, skip to step 11.
9. Under Soft Credit Information, click the magnifying glass icon
10. Search for the participant's account in the search window, and click onto the account's name once you have located it
11. Fill in the amount of the donation in the Amount field (it should match the amount in the Received field)
12. Click Save And at the bottom of the page

This will create a gift on the donor's account and a soft credit on the participant's account, which is how eTapestry knows who the donation was sponsoring within the fundraiser.

It does take longer for the donations entered manually in eTapestry to show up on the Home page of your Personal Fundraising site. You can save the Fundraising page again to show the changes right away by following these steps.

1. Click Management
2. Click Fundraisers
3. Click on the corresponding Fundraiser to edit it
4. Click Save and Finish
5. Click the link to go to the Fundraiser page
6. You should now see the donation on the participant's thermometer on the personal fundraising site.

Note: You may need to refresh your browser to show the changes if you have visited the site recently. Key in Ctrl + R to refresh your page.