To update your Organization information we will navigate to Control > Administration > Organization Setup > View/Edit Org Info.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit.  Update your information and click Save when finished. 

Within View/Edit Org Info you can update the following information:

Account Detail

  • Logo:  
  • Account Name:
  • Account EIN: 
  • Account URL:
  • Org Level: 
  • Phone:
  • Fax: 
  • Address:   *** If you need to update your address for reasons pertaining to your disbursements and banking info, click here.
  • Privacy Policy URL: 
  • P!N CASE Login: 
  • P!N CASE Password: 
  • Account Code 1:
Credit Card Address Verification Defaults
  • Don't require address or zip/postal code verification:
  • Lock credit card verification settings:
  • Soft Descriptor:
  • Donor Inquiry Phone Number: 
*** For more information on Credit Card Address Verification Defaults, click here.
Virtual Account Settings 
  • Share Transactions Across All Virtual Accounts: Yes/No

Account Preferences  

  • Select a Time Zone:
  • Enable Daylight Savings: Yes/No 
  • Last Month of Fiscal Year: 

Benchmark Profile

  • NTEE Code:
  • Annual Revenue: 

Real-Time Dedup:  

  • Enable Real-time Dedup?: Merge new records if .....
*** For more information on Real-Time Dedup, click here.

Administrator for “Forgot Password?” and “Form Workflow” Support  

  • Administrator:
  • E-mail: 

Google Analytics Account Login  

  • Account:
  • Password: 
*** NOTE: You should enable Google analytics directly in your Thon Events by following the steps here.
*** To enable Google analytics in your CMS website, follow the steps here.

Powered By Blackbaud Logo 

  • Enable Powered by Blackbaud Logo for Bulk Mail: Yes/No 

Error Page

  • Error Page: (System Default) 

PDF Receipts

  • Enable PDF Receipts for Account?: Yes/No 

    Sequential Numbering Parameters
    You must specify all three numbers. When the number specified for Send Warning at is
    assigned, an email will be sent notifying that you are nearing the end of the range. Select
    values that will give you sufficient time to reset the range.
    To meet tax agency requirements, when you start a new range of numbers for PDF receipts,
    you must manually enter a range that is unique and not previously used.
    Starting Number: 01
    Send warning at: 999999999
    Ending number: 999999999
*** For an overview of PDF Receipts, click here.

Extended Character Set Export 
  • Exclude extended character set in CSV and XLS exports

If you are still in need of assistance updating your Organization information:

Chat With Support and reference this article.