Making changes to the account structure can happen in 2 ways: either increasing or decreasing the number of digits or segments. Lengthening the account number is something that users should be able to do through the front end; however, reducing the account number is typically a data service. There are several considerations for reducing the account, primarily that the number of possible accounts/segment values will necessarily be less which may result in duplication of accounts or overlap of segments.

If transactions have not yet been entered into the system, the GL is disabled, or all transactions are otherwise marked as Do Not Post, the account structure can be changed once all of the configuration is removed. To make the account structure editable in this situation follow the steps below in order:
  1. Remove all of the Transaction Mappings
  2. Remove all of the Segment Mappings
  3. Delete all Accounts that have been defined
  4. Return to the Account Structure page and make the desired edits

​If transactions have been entered, there are 2 ways to make changes to an account structure. Account aliases can provide the desired output for posting and are a good option when the customer is moving from one account system to something entirely different or when the new account number has to be comprised of non standard text.The other way to change an account structure is through a data service.

Another option the client may want to consider is adding a new Account System then adding the desired account structure.