First users should Add a new, separate Print Memberships Cards process for just those memberships that will have two separate cards issued on the same letter. Set the criteria of this process to "Print all Issued cards for selected constituents" and use (build) a Query/Selection to filter the records to include just memberships that have two cards on them. Note: Make sure NO single card memberships are included in the process. Instructions for creating a query like this are in our related Knowledgebase solution: How to create a selection for memberships with two or more member cards (BB755350)

Configure your two card letter for these members in a Word document. Here are the Data Fields (merge fields) that will be in the process output file and can be used in the letter.
In the Word document, place your cursor at the end of the line items for the first card. Now go to the Mailings tab, then Rules - select Next Record. Place this <<NextRecord>> merge field at the end of this first card, in order to ensure that the merge process will jump to the second member (next record) in the CSV list for the second card. NOTE: You do not need to place this field after the second card because the merge process naturally jumps to the next record when starting a new letter (there is a page break). Here is a screen shot of what the <<NextRecord>> and two cards should look like:

Membership cards with <<Next Record>> merge field

Save the Word document and upload it into the Letter Template Library (in Marketing and Communications).
Now follow these steps when running the Print Membership Card process for this two card letter:
  1. Go to Memberships
  2. Go to Print Membership Cards
  3. Click on the name of the process that you are going to run
  4. Click on Start Process
  5. When the process Completes, click Download Output (to download a CSV file of the results)
    • Note: Users will not be able to click the Print Cards button. The Download Output button (function) will mark the cards as Printed in Altru as well.
  6. Open the CSV file and resort the entire list of results by the Membership ID column
  7. Save the CSV file to your computer's hard drive
  8. Open the two card letter document in Word
  9. Perform a Mail Merge in Word to merge the CSV output file data with the letters/cards
    • Note: You do not need to Generate a Header File (in the mail merge instructions) because you will use your CSV output instead.
Complete the merge in Word to view your finished letters (please note that the Preview mode may not show the correct and final version of the letters, so users are encouraged to Complete the process then select to Edit the letters to review them).