1. The attribute must be present on the student record to display on the form:
    1. Log in to the Education Edge
    2. Choose Registrar's Office module
    3. Click Records Students
    4. Open the student record
    5. Click the Attributes tab
    6. Verify that the desired attribute to display is already on the record
  2. The mapped attribute must be marked to include the Education Edge data on the form:
    1. Log in to the NetCommunity/Online Campus Community website
    2. Click Site ExplorerForms
    3. Click the pencil icon to open the Online Reenrollment form
    4. Click the plus sign beside Student to expand out the fields 
    5. Click pencil icon next to the desired attribute
    6. Mark the Include Education Edge data checkbox. This checkbox must be marked in order to autopopulate the information on the form. 
    7. Click Save
    8. Click Save and Close
  3. Student First name and Last name must be added to the form:
    1. Log in to the NetCommunity/Online Campus Community website
    2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
    3. Click the pencil icon to open the Online Reenrollment form
    4. Click the plus sign beside Student to expand out the fields
    5. Drag and drop First name and Last name to the form for the student. These fields can be hidden if they are not needed
Note: This can occur when an ORE form is used to just accept a signature and the student name fields are not necessary.  These fields are needed for the form to function correctly.