1. Create a CSV file containing at least the following fields: Lookup ID, Last Name, Constituency
2.     Create a batch template
a)     Choose type: Constituent Update Batch
b)     Batch template name: Add constituency
c)     The workflow name and numbering scheme will also be Constituent Update Batch, click next
d)     In Select Fields and defaults, add the field Constituencies. Other required fields (Constituent Type, Lookup ID, Last Name) should already be there by default
e)     Configure options and set permissions as desired, then confirm and save
3.     Create and run the import process
a)     Go to Administration > Import and click Add
b)     Expand Constituent and select the batch template, Add constituency.
c)     Configure import file
· Name the import process
· Import source: Local file
· File: browse to your desired import file
d)     Map fields
· Lookup ID = LookupID, Last Org/Group/Household name = Last Name
· Highlight Constituencies and click Map collection field, set the number of constituencies you are importing and map them along with Date from and Date to (if included in your file). Click OK.
e)     Set options: Make any desired changes to the default import options and click Save.
f)      Open the Import Process and click Start process.
g)     Confirm Number of records processed match Records successfully processed. If they do not, view the exceptions and make needed changes
4.     Commit the batch
a)     When the process completes, click Go to batch entry.
b)     Click on Batch (your batch will be listed at the bottom of the unconfirmed tab) then Commit
· Recommended options: Validate before committing, Check for duplicates constituents, Create exception batch, Create output selection (if you would like to view the records as a group later)
c)     Click Start.
· No errors with validation or duplicates - the records will be updated in the program
· Exceptions or potential duplicates - double click on batch from Uncommitted tab to view the problem records and resolve issues, then re-commit batch