Installment Schedule.End Section merge field missing from email designs after upgrade to NetCommunity version 6.51

After upgrading to Blackbaud NetCommunity version 6.51 patch 3, Acknowledgement Emails from Donation Form parts are consistently displaying text that should only appear when the donation includes an installment schedule.

Editing and attempting to save the affected email design(s) returns the validation error message "[Transaction.Instalment Schedule.End Section] marker is required"
To resolve this issue:
  1. Edit the affected Acknowledgement Email
  2. Insert the merge field "Installment Schedule.End Section" in the email design.  [This merge field is located in the "Installment Schedule" section of the "Transaction" merge fields set.]
  3. Save the email design
Alternate solution: remove the "Installment Schedule.Begin Section" merge field [and any other merge fields from the "Installment Schedule" set] from the email design and save the change.


 6.51.736 patch 3

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