These steps will walk you through building a report to show donation information per donor.  it will also show totals per donor.  In order for the report to work, you will need a query that is pulling donations.  Without the query, the report will not know which transactions you want to display.  A common query you can use is: How do I query on all donations within a specific date range?
  1. Click the Reports button on the menu bar
  2. Select a category where you'd like to store the report (Ex: System)
  3. Click New Report under the Task Menu
  4. Name the report Donation Report
  5. Set Group By to Account under the Group Results section
  6. Set the second drop down, below Group By, to Show Group Totals
  7. Choose Commonly Used Fields from the Browse Fields drop down menu
  8. Choose Name, Date, Fund, Received from the list of columns under the Browse Fields drop down
  9. Arrange the columns into order by clicking on the middle of the added column and dragging up or down.
  10. Click Save and Run under the Task Menu
  11. Set the Category drop down menu to the one containing the query you want to use and set the Query drop down menu to the specific query you want
  12. Set the Report Format at the bottom of the page
  13. Click the Submit button