As a best practice, if a donor contacts the organization by phone to make a donation or payment it is best processed through your Blackbaud database software such as The Raiser’s Edge Batch, CRM, Luminate, Altru, or eTapestry if the transaction should be recorded in your software, as this will save time on data entry.

Please consult your Blackbaud product guides for credit card processing options.

In addition there are several other options for events:
1. Blackbaud MobilePay™
Instant payment processing with BBMS at events for Card Present transactions. Card holder receives an electronic confirmation at the time the payment is authorized. Convenient MobilePay card swipe readers available. MobilePay is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Reserved for Card Present transactions only. Card data cannot be stored for future use. MobilePay will not automatically appear in your software. The records will need to be added manually in your software or imported.

2. The Raiser's Edge Event Management App with Blackbaud MobilePay™
The Raiser’s Edge Event App allows you to check-in attendees, register new attendees and keep track of room capacity limitations. Attendees can pay for the event at the door with credit card, cash, or check. With Blackbaud MobilePay™ integrated into the RE:Event™ app, all you have to do is swipe cards via a MobilePay credit card reader and credit card transactions are processed instantly. Card data is encrypted and secure.

Credit card payments will be for one-time only transactions.

3. Charge credit cards through the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal
Instantaneous credit card processing at a workstation connected to your Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal.

The credit card transaction will not automatically appear in your database software (The Raiser's Edge, eTapestry, etc.). The record will need to be added manually. The BBMS Web Portal does not currently have the availability to create receipts. Receipts will need to be generated through your database software.

4. Batch Processing through Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud CRM, or Altru (Back Office or Daily Sales)
All donor and credit card information is entered into a workstation connected to your Blackbaud software database. There is no need to re-enter the information at a later date. Gifts may be entered as a one-time or set up for recurring payments.
Batch is designed for bulk processing, multiple donations can be entered and submitted at once.

5. Through your Blackbaud NetCommunity, OnlineExpress, Altru Web forms, Luminate Online or eTapestry forms.
Convenience of easily making secure gifts of any type, like tributes, pledges, membership payments, and events payments alongside donations. Instant credit card processing. All records are downloaded into your Blackbaud software database. Confirmation emails can be sent immediately to the donor.