There is not a way to automatically move a form from one site inside Blackbaud NetCommunity to another, however you may export the form from the original site and import into new site.  

To do this, please login to Blackbaud NetCommunity as a supervisor and complete the steps below:
  1. On the admin bar across the top, click Site explorer
  2. In the ensuing window, click Forms
  3. Click the export button next to the form that you want to duplicate.  This will start a download of the form to a file on your machine.
  4. In the administration bar across the top, click Administration
  5. In the ensuing window, click Sites and settings
  6. Within Sites and settings, highlight the site you wish to move the form to in the left pane.
  7. In the right pane, click the Tasks tab
  8. Click Forms
  9. In the ensuing window, click the green button labeled Import Form
  10. Give the form a name that describes what it is for 
  11. Click the Choose File button and then browse to the location where you stored your exported form in step 3
  12. Choose a folder where you would like the form stored.  
  13. Click Next.  The form will then open for an opportunity to make any changes.  Please note, that when the form opens for the opportunity to make changes, you will want to review the Acknowledgement Email and make any required changes at this time.
  14. Click Save and Close
At this point, you may place the form into a part in your new Blackbaud NetCommunity site.