To verify what transaction code The Raiser's Edge is looking for in The Financial Edge:

1. Open the gift with the import ID ending with the numbers referenced in the error message
2. Open the adjustment on the gift
3. From the open adjustment, select View > Previous GL Distribution
4. Verify whether the exact transaction code noted here is present in The Financial Edge: Configuration, Tables, Transaction Code Table [#] associated with The Raiser's Edge.

If it's not present, it will need to be added to the list of transaction codes in The Financial Edge
1. After adding the code, Exit and Sign out of The Raiser's Edge
2. In The Financial Edge, run the Update Accounts plugin from Plug-Ins, marking Accounts and Projects
3. Log back into The Raiser's Edge
4. Attempt to run the pre-post report again
5. If successful, post to The Financial Edge.