eTapestry's IP Addresses:
Delivra's IP Address Range (Advanced Mass Emails):
Range 208.40.253.[0-255]

We understand that some of the IP addresses with ranges (example: 208.40.253.[0-255]) can take some time.  You can try using a CIDR so you don't have to enter each IP address in the range manually.  Here are some examples:
  • 205.139.105.[14-101] =
  • 206.79.6.[130-194] =
  • 208.40.253.[0-255] (Delivra) =

Also, there is a tool out there that can convert IP address ranges into CIDRs.  Here is the URL:

IP address for the Lyris Spam Check email that is sent out with an Advanced Email Test and Spam:

For a list of IP addresses see: What Ip Addresses Can Blackbaud NetCommunity And Online Express Email Originate From? (BB236072)