The potential notification types are Transaction - Donation Notification for donation transactions and Transaction - Event Registration Notification for event transactions and Transaction - Membership Notification for membership transactions.
How to set up email notifications for when a user submits a common, online admission, or online reenrollment form

  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Go to Email > Notifications
      A. If you see an existing email notification of the desired type:
          1. Click the Pencil to edit the corresponding notification
          2. Ensure that Your Email address is listed in the email addresses field, or that you're in a selected role* listed in the roles field
          3. Ensure that the checkbox for the donation or event form that you want to receive notifications for is marked under Parts
      B. If you do not see an existing email notification of your desired type:
    1. Click New Notification
    2. Select the radio button: Staff notification
    3. Choose a type of Transaction - [desired type] Notification
    4. Click OK
    5. Mark the Enabled checkbox
    6. Select recipients. With the role field, you can add roles to receive the notification*, or with the email addresses field, you can directly enter email addresses
    7. Mark all checkboxes for forms for which you would like to receive notifications (Note: It will only send notifications out for transactions made through the selected parts, not all forms)
    8. Click the Email Template tab, and enter a from address and from name - you can also adjust the design here
    9. Click Save  
    Note: When you select a role to receive the notification, it will send out the email notification only to users that are:
    • In the selected role
    • Linked to Raiser's Edge
    • Have a valid email address on their RE record of the type selected as the email phone type under Administration > Sites and Settings in the Phone type mapping section.