A Query is a way to create a list of accounts or journal entries that meet a set of criteria you define. Queries serve as an advanced search engine that finds and groups accounts or journal entries and can only create a list. This list can then be used in conjunction with other eTapestry features such as:
  •     Reports
  •     Correspondence
  •     Mass Update
  •     Find Account
  •     Advanced Security
Keep in mind, when we preview the query results, we can change the columns displayed on the Preview screen; see How do I change the columns in a query preview?.

A Report is a detailed statement about a group of accounts or journal entries. A Report will show you the fields that you want to display about those accounts/journal entries in your query. It will have some special functions that aren't included in the Query Preview, such as the ability to group results, add aggregated fields, and summarized giving fields. Reports analyze data and are designed to calculate and present data in a more formal design.

Generally, the query finds the information in the database for you, and the report is a more powerful way to display and analyze the information about those accounts or journal entries that you want to see.