Some Custom Profile fields can be modified but NOT cleared, through the contact record once a data has been entered.

It can, however, be cleared by importing the records through the Import center.

1.  Export the Supporter ID(s) of the records that need to be modified, from Sphere, in CSV format.
2.  Add column(s) to the CSV file for each of the field(s) to be cleared, leave them blank.
3.  Save
4.  Go to: Control > Import Center
5.  Click New Import
6.  For Category select: Constituents Profile
7.  For Template select: Individual
8.  Click Next
9.  Click browse and find your CSV file on your computer
10. Click Upload
11. You will see a preview of your file
12. Click Next
13. For "Step One:  Select Identity Field", put a mark by Supporter ID
14. For "Step Two: Add all Sphere Database Fields where a source field is not associated...,
  • Do not choose this option if you are not wanting to do the change for ALL contact records
select the two fields to be mapped and click "Add Mapping"

*NOTE* if you map a field incorrectly, removing the mapping may not be enough to reset it, restart the process from Step 4. Other wise the field previously mapped may be overwritten.

15. Click Next
16. Put a check in the column "Blank Default Value overwrites Sphere value" of the field you want cleared
17. Click Next
18. For Import Handling mark the radio button labeled "Update existing Sphere records"
19. Click Next
20. Name your Import
21. Click Finish

You will be returned to the Import Center and you batch will be added to the queue. When it is done, the Status column will say "Complete"

Verify the field values have been cleared from the fields.