Before you upload your file to our servers, it is a good idea for you to first completely write the body of your email message.  That way you can choose what word(s) you wish to turn into a hyperlink that will guide your users to the file you will upload.
  1. While in the Edit step of a correspondence template, highlight the word or phrase you want the readers to click to get the document you will be uploading (ex. highlight HERE in the sentence 'Click HERE to download the document!')
  2. Using the HTML Editor icons just above where you are allowed to type the body of the email, click the icon that looks like a chain link
  3. In the Insert/Edit Link window that will appear on screen, click the icon of the spyglass
  4. This will bring up the FCK Editor where you can upload images and files to be used in email correspondence
  5. Click the Browse button to search for the file saved to your computer
  6. With the file selected from your computer, click the Upload button to upload the file to the FCK Editor
  7. Once this is uploaded, find the file and click on it to have it appear in the URL field of the Insert/Edit Link window
  8. Click the Insert button to turn the word or phrase you highlighted into a hyperlink that will lead the reader to the file you uploaded