If you are unsure which type of processor your organization currently uses, you can follow these steps to locate that information:
  1. Select Management in the menu bar
  2. Click My Organization in the Admin tile
  3. Click eCommerce

On this page you will see a Transaction Processors section; if your organization has linked one of the 3 processors eTapestry is compatible with to your database, you will see the processor listed within this section.  Click on the name of that processor.  There you will see the EFT checkbox.  That must be marked to be able to process EFT transactions in eTapestry.

If you are interested in obtaining a BBMS processor, you would want to contact bbms@blackbaud.com

If you are interested in creating an account with Sage so that you can process EFT donations, you will need to contact Stephanie Beardmore at sbeardmore@fairwaypayments.com or 800-807-5871

Sage technical support can be contacted at 877-470-4001, which goes directly to Virtual Terminal support for Sage.