You can perform the following steps to research a particular transaction for the Authorization code or Decline Code:

1. Log into the BBMS web portal.
2. Click Transactions, and then click Transaction search.
3. Enter the information you have available such as the date of the transaction or the name of the card holder and click Search.
3. Select the ellipsis, and then select Edit, for the transaction in the search results that you would like to view details on.
4. The Result details will appear at the bottom of this window.
5. The Gateway Result confirms if the transaction was successful or will provide the reason it was declined.
6. If the transaction result displays Approved the Authorization code will show in the Gateway result code field

The Gateway result code displays the Authorization code for all approved transactions. Approval codes for BBMS will have 6 digits of numbers and/or letters.

If a transaction is declined, the Gateway result code will display the rejection code and will be shorter in length.

If you have the authorization code but do not know the transaction it is associated with run the Daily transaction report:
1. Log into the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal at 
2. From Reports choose Daily transactions.
3. Choose Specific Date from the date menu.
4. Enter the desired dates.
5. Filter by Result: Approved transactions only.
6. Click Run report.
The report will display in the current window.
7. To export select the icon () and choose the desired file type (CSV, PDF or Excel - recommended.)
8. Open the report and use the Find function to search based on the 6 digit and/or number authorization code to locate the transaction.