Blackbaud Payment Service blacklists IP addresses based on fraudulent or suspicious activity. Blackbaud does not automatically blacklist an entire range of IP addresses from a country for an organization. If you have a specific IP address that you wish to put on the blacklist, click Chat with Support and reference this article with your request.

If you use Blackbaud Merchant Service, you also have the option to enable Premium Fraud Management, which will allow you to enable the following filters:

  • BIN country match. You can select whether to reject all transactions when the countries of the Bank Identification Number (BIN) do not match the countries of the cardholders' billing addresses.
  • High-risk countries. Some countries and regions, such as Ghana, Vietnam, and Nigeria, have a higher risk for fraud in regards to scams and stolen credit cards. To help avoid chargeback requests and suspect transactions, you can select to reject all transactions from high-risk countries.