If you need to upload and link to a PDF or Word document (for example, if you'd like to share your newsletter) on your Plesk website, you can do that by following these steps:

1. Make sure that the name of your file has NO spaces
2. Login to your Plesk Control Panel
3. Click the File Manager icon
4. Click the httpdocs folder
5. Click the 'docs' folder (or whichever directory you prefer to store your files in)
6. Click Add New File
7. Click 'Browse' next to Path to File and select your file
8. Click OK to upload your file
9. Find your file in the list and click the Preview icon to the right of the file name (it looks like a globe with an arrow and is the second icon)
10. This will bring up your file in a new window, and you will want to copy the URL by hitting Ctrl and C on your keyboard (or right click and select Copy)
11. Click back to your httpdocs folder
12. Click the WYSIWYG editor icon next to the page you want to create your link on
13. Go to the Body area of the page and enter the text you want to create a link out of (Example: Click here for Newsletter)
14. Highlight your text
15. Click the Hyperlink icon (it looks like a chain)
16. Click on the URL field and hit Ctrl and V on your keyboard (or right click and select Paste)
17. This will paste in the URL of your file, and you will then click OK
18. Click OK to save your page

You can now go to your live website, find that page, and test out your link.