1. Open your import file in Excel and make sure that every account you are importing has at least a First or Last Name.  You cannot import accounts without a Name.  Name and Sort Name are required fields in eTapestry and trying to import accounts without that information will cause this error.
  2. Make sure you do not have any empty rows between data.  For example, you don't want to have your Headers in row 1, skip row 2, and then start your data in row 3.  To the import tool this is the equivalent of trying to import an account without a name.  It doesn't view it as a row to skip over.
  3. Sometimes users will remove content from their import file.  At times residual data can be left behind in the file and cause an unexpected error. You'll want to highlight just the empty rows and columns and press Delete to make sure everything is removed.
  4. The import file can become corrupt and needs to be recreated.  Open the file in Excel and highlight just the cells that have data.  Then copy that data and paste it into a brand new spreadsheet.  Save that as a new CSV/Text file and try the import again.