1. In the Tribute Linking frame, in the Transaction Data box, view tribute information if the donation was made in honor or memory of another person. Note: The Tribute Linking frame must meet several conditions to appear. Your organization must use The Raiser’s Edge Honor/Memorial Tracking and you must select to include tributes on the Donation Form part. Lastly, the website user must submit tribute information on your site for the frame to appear.
  2. To search for an existing Raiser’s Edge tribute, click Find Tribute. The Link Tribute Information screen appears. The Tribute Information from Transaction, Linked Tribute Information, and Acknowledgee data defaults from the website.
  3. In the Honor/Memorial field, click the binoculars to search for an existing Raiser’s Edge honor/memorial record.
  4. In the Tribute field, select a tribute type from The Raiser’s Edge.

    3 areas to link the tribute and acknowledgee information when processing transactions.
  5. In the Acknowledgee box, to link the acknowledgee to a Raiser’s Edge relationship record, press F7. A screen appears for you to link to an existing record in The Raiser’s Edge. If the acknowledgee does not have an existing record, return to the Link Tribute Information screen. When you click OK on this screen, a new relationship record is created for the acknowledgee.
  6. After you link the acknowledgee to a Raiser’s Edge record, acknowledgee information appears in the Linked Record box
  7. If the acknowledgee is a self-acknowledgee, be sure to check the box “Self-acknowledge Honor/Memorial” to avoid creating a duplicate self-acknowledgee record.
  8. To return to the Tribute Linking frame, click OK. Tribute data from The Raiser’s Edge appears in the Linked Tribute box. Linked appears above the box.