Targeting & Security on a Common, Online Admission or Reenrollment form is not preventing users from seeing it

There is a Targeting & Security tab on a Common, Online Admissions or Reenrollment form. The tab includes the verbiage: "To target this form to specific users, set the view rights to the appropriate Roles. Use these same settings to secure who can manage this page." Blackbaud NetCommunity appears to ignore this, even if you set this up, it will let anyone fill out the form.


The Targeting & Security section on these forms is not designed for the end user experience. The Targeting and Security for these forms is intended to apply to users on the admin side being able to View, Edit, and Delete the form, and manage the Form Data within the Forms Gallery. It is not intended to apply to applicants or students who are viewing the form.

In order to limit who can fill the form out, add that individual form to its own Form Display part and then use the targeting and security within the Form Display part instead to hide that part or show it to specific users.

  1. Navigate to Site Explorer> Parts
  2. Click New Part and select Form Display part
  3. Click Next
  4. Add the desired form
  5. On the Targeting & security tab, set the desired roles to view the part
  6. When finished, click Save
Alternatively, if you want to remove the form from display completely:
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Parts
  2. Locate your existing form display part and click the Pencil icon to edit
  3. Click the X next to the form to remove
  4. Click Save
Additionally, forms submitted will inherit the Targeting and Security specified within the Common, Online Admissions or Reenrollment form. For example, if the Targeting and Security of the form is set to View with a role of Members, only members and Supervisors will be able to view that form submission under the form data tab.


 6.51, patch 13

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