1. On the Launch page of a report, select the category and query you wish to use with the report
  2. In Delivery Options, select from one of the following formats:
    • PDF Document- Drop Box
    • PDF Document- Email
    • Excel File- Drop Box
    • Excel File- Email
    • CSV File- Drop Box
    • CSV File- Email
    • MRG File- Drop Box
    • MRG File- Email
  3. If you chose to receive an email, fill in the proper email address(es) in the Delivery Email Field
  4. Click Schedule for Off-Hours
  5. On the following screen, select the gray tab for the frequency  (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) and the day you wish the report to run
  6. After choosing the frequency, fill in the Valid From dates starting tomorrow and continuing up until one year (ex. 6/20/2013 to 6/20/2014)
  7. Enter the email address(es) of the recipients if it is not filled in
  8. Click Update
Based on the schedule you have set for the report, it will run between 12:30am and 1:30am local time on the morning of the scheduled date.  You can also view the scheduled dates of the report on the left where you will see all your scheduled reports.