The site will time out and the participant will be logged out of the Participant HQ after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Some things to be aware of:
  1. Typing does not count as activity: The registrant needs to be actively moving between pages, uploading images or doing something that causes data to be actively transferred to the server to keep the login alive. Typing an email or text on your participant page does not do this, the information is only sent when send/submit button is pressed.
  2. When the site times out it does not give an error:  The registrant will be redirected back to the event home page requiring the them to log back into the participant HQ.
  3. Sphere does not auto save your work: If the participant does not submit text being added to the site or save their email as a template as they go along, they will have lost all of the unsaved work done up to that point upon signing back in.
    • For example, clicking send on an email after more than the allotted time will cause the user to be redirected to the login page, after logging back in, they will have lost all unsaved work.
Helpful tips:
  • As a workaround, we recommend users create their text into a program like Notepad, and then copy it into the page if they are using a lot of text or will be doing a lot of editing.  We do not recommend using Word, as Word can sometimes bring background coding into a Copy/Paste and cause formatting issue.