Run-time error '-2147220102 (8004057a)': The following error occured while validating the ActiveX DLL objects: <ActiveX component can't create object> The error occurred while trying to create a SuperData.CSuperData object. One or more dlls may not be pr

If The Raiser's Edge and The Patron Edge Online exist on the same server, this error appears when logging into The Raiser's Edge after updating The Patron Edge Online to version 

Additional error you may encounter when Synchronizing The Patron Edge and The Raiser's Edge:
Error:  Error running synchronization.  Error Code: Error logging into The Raiser's Edge: Startup Error: ActiveX component can't create object.  Main Startup Step: CBBStartSeq.Startup  Start Sequence Step: ConnectToDB
Run the RERegister utility on The Raiser's Edge server.


 7.92.5508 ;

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